Welkom to Improving You Personal Gym

IMPROVING YOU personal gym is not a normal gym. With us you will always train under supervision. Because we are active for years as personal trainers, we know like no other that good supervision is essential for progression. At most normal gyms a space with machines is at your disposal, which you can use to work your schedule. You determine the exercises you do and you can fill in yourself how to work your schedule. This is odd, because this assumes you are all of a sudden an expert in the field of training.


We take our profession as personal trainer very seriously and have years of experience and many hours of studying.

Compare it to a carpenter that parks his van with tools in front of your door because carpentry has to be done and says: enjoy and go for it! I will pick it up in an hour. Would you accept that?


That’s why we came up with IMPROVING YOU personal gym. We do not expect your expertise in the field of training, nutrition and lifestyle! You use our knowledge. We help you to reach your personal goals in the most efficient way.


In this app there’s a personal nutritional plan in which you can keep up with what you are eating and if you are following the right path in nutrition. You will weigh yourself once a week on our scale, which is linked to that same app. Our coaches are hereby able to closely monitor your progression.
Once a month you will make an appointment with one of our nutritional coaches. Here you will discuss how it’s going and you can ask all your questions. You will thereby stay involved and motivated.



Daniël Makkee

Owner and personal trainer

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Fedor Tieleman

Owner and personal trainer

We think it’s important to create a personal atmosphere. Therefore, we have a very comfy sitting corner in which you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea on the house and read in one of our books from our library about nutrition or lifestyle.

At Improving You, you are welcome just the way you are and we hope to get to know you soon.

Daniel Makkee en Fedor Tieleman

IMPROVING YOU personal gym